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Hi.. I'm sharing 3JSB JSB DREAM PV that I sub..
Visit here for the link ^^

Do enjoy it..
just wanna sharing the old video..
hope you guys enjoy it !!

EXILE Bounenkai 2012 SP - 2012.12.27.flv_snapshot_00.00.58_[2016.09.14_15.24.02].jpg
EXILE Bounenkai 2012 SP - 2012.12.27.flv_snapshot_00.01.33_[2016.09.14_15.24.40].jpg

click for download
Naoto drink

I'm sharing 'The JSB Legacy' album ^^v
Click here for the link
Enjoy ^^
Hello everybody

Did it finally managed the making of the drama Sugarless to upload.
I wish you much fun watching.

https://mega.nz/#!jsYFgBRa - Key: !EswCevz2IiGPsbiXK-FudUwVl4IEMdapryyAe7o9tDA
Hi.. I'm sharing 3JSB SO RIGHT PV that I sub..
Visit here for the link ^^

Do enjoy it..
Hi, I'm looking for a download for Sandaime in MUSIC DRAGON both in 2013 and in 2014, and any other appearances they've made on there.

Thank you! <3

I'm wondering where I can find a source for EXILE TRIBE scans. Like Gekkan Exile, or other magazines the members show up in.

Just can't get enough of them XD

I'm sharing the album here ^^
Enjoy and have a nice weekend v(^^)v
Hi, guys.
I've been getting messages lately from new members of the community to update links for the files I posted along the time, since they are not working anymore.
As much as I'd like to help you, I can't because of the following reasons:
(1) Beacause my interest in LDH kept decreasing, I ended up getting rid of most of the files I had, including most of the PVs, performances, DVDs etc.
(2) I have a slow internet connection, so even if by any chance I still have the file, I can't upload it.
(3) As I am currently living in Japan, I don't really like the idea of downloading/uploading anything, as it's illegal and apparently they are pretty serious about.

This being said, for anyone trying to get a file, please try to post a request on the community, rather than asking me for help. I'm sure there's always someone willing to help :D
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