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Exile Tribe
01 14 17
#56 ♪リフレイン アー写&ジャケ写3撮影.m4v_thumbs_[2017.01.10_21.04.49].jpg
#12 二代目JSB VS 三代目JSB EXILE TRIBE TOUR 2011@さいたまスーパーアリーナ 5日目 -3-.m4v_thumbs_[2017.01.10_21.04.20].jpg
56 episodes of JSB movies RAR comressed, each episode is about 2~3 minutes
content varies ; MV making, lives & concerts back stage, CM making ... etc

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01 15 17 (UTC)
you are welcome !
yes i've to add you back and i've already did
sorry for being late, enjoy ♥
01 15 17 (UTC)
I already add you in your LJ account so please add me back. ^^
01 15 17 (UTC)
done, sorry for being late
01 19 17 (UTC)
Just added you!

Hope you add me back~
01 19 17 (UTC)
done 👍🏼
01 23 17 (UTC)
Hi~~ soko_exile-san~~ I've added you~ if you don't mind you can add me back~ maybe we can crazying about LDH's artists~~ kekeke~

thank you~
P.S: I love Gunchan *just ignore it* XDD
01 27 17 (UTC)
oh hi! nice to meet you, i add you back ^^
i love naoto btw haha
02 02 17 (UTC) - hi
i done add u.. hope u will add me back.. thnks..
02 03 17 (UTC) - Re: hi
done, you are welcome ^^
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